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images/doorhanger1.pngBest Direction, LLC provides door-hanger printing and distribution for most Southern California cities including Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Imperial, San Diego, Ventura counties and more. Contact us today for a free quote for door hanger printing and distribution in your zip-code(s).

Economical - Inexpensive

images/doorhanger2.pngCompared to other advertising designed to reach potential customers in their homes like direct mail and television, newspapers and magazines, door hangers are a fraction of the cost. Door hangers can be done for about one third the cost of the most economical direct mail pieces since even a "junk" direct mail piece requires postage

How cost-effective are door hangers?

images/doorhanger3.pngDoor hangers have consistently outperformed other forms of advertising such as direct mail, television, radio, and other forms of print advertising like newspaper and magazine ads. For example, door hangers are considerably cheaper than most other forms of advertising. Door hangers, including printing and distribution usually only costs one third as much as the most basic direct mail campaign. They are easily organized at the last minute and seldom take more than a week or two to prepare. When you consider that for only a few thousand dollars you can increase your sales anywhere from 50% -100% or more, it becomes obvious that using door hangers gives you more bang for your advertising bucks!

Door Hangers Are "Stand Alone"

images/doorhanger4.pngWhat does "Stand Alone" mean? It means that a door hanger is not lost in your mailbox with twenty other pieces of junk mail that you get every day. Nor does it have to be opened in order to be read by your customer. A door hanger is not lost in the shuffle of hundreds of other inserts that fall out of your newspaper. Door hangers don't not have to compete for your customer's attention with multiple television commercials which rely on memory for the ad to work. A door hanger stands alone on your customers' door, where it has to be handled. Since it doesn't have to be opened it is more likely to be read by the potential customer. And since it is a printed piece, it doesn't have to rely on the customer's memory.

What kind of businesses can benefit from door hangers?

images/doorhanger5.pngAny business with the desire to blanket a certain area with their message can surely benefit from a door hanger campaign. All that is required is a powerful message with a good call to action and an area or zip code that you would like to target. Almost any kind of business at all can benefit from door hanger distribution.

Why choose Best Direction, LLC?

images/doorhanger6.pngBest Direction, LLC is a California-based full-service advertising agency providing door hanger printing and distribution focusing in the Southern California Area. We provide a variety of advertising services such as outdoor temporary signage, direct mail, door hangers, street teams, radio and TV media, mobile billboard advertising and professional human directionals. Our ideal clients are just about any kind of retailers including the restaurant, furniture and automotive industries, just to name a few.

images/doorhanger7.pngBest Direction, LLC also offers services nationwide in all fifty United States and it's territories. We have spent years developing a support network that spans the globe. We have the most extensive nationwide infrastructure in the door hanger industry. We are capable of performing hundreds of events simultaneously, nationwide. This allows us to service and maintain an impressive list of national clients such as K-Mart, La-Z-Boy, Broyhill, H&R Block, Autonation and many more.

images/doorhanger8.pngBest Direction, LLC maintains quality ongoing repeat customers because we are quite simply, the best at what we do. Others may do it for less, but in the real world, you get what you pay for. If you are penny-wise and pound foolish with your advertising budget, your advertising campaign is destined to failure. The bottom line is this; we can design and customize an effective door hanger distribution program to suit any budget. Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific doorhanger needs.