Human Directionals by Best Direction, LLC

  • Sign WalkersSign Walkers working a major mattress retail chain in Albuquerque New Mexico.
  • Human DirectionalsSign Walkers using oversized signage generate traffic for a furniture retailer.
  • Street TeamsHuman Directionals consisting of sign walkers, sign spinners and human billboards.
  • Sign WalkersHuman Directionals on the street grabbing the attention of passersby
  • Auto Dealership - Human DirectionalsSign Walkers reeling 'em in at Oxnard Hyundai
  • Human Sign WalkersHuman Directionals working a retail furniture store.

Sign Spinners, Sign Walkers, Sign Twirlers, Human Billboards

Best Direction, LLC provides human directional services such as sign spinners, sign walkers, sign twirlers and human billboards nation wide. Our street team professionals will get your retail business or dealership noticed and put potential customers in your salespeople's hands immediately. Experience the traffic-generating effectiveness of human directionals with a sign promotion by Best Direction, LLC.

Sign Walkers

Sign walkers are a great way to take your message right to the customer on the street. Human directionals allow you the flexibility to go where the people are and get noticed. Advertising studies have shown that people often make "impulse" decisions to purchase a product or service. Unlike other passive forms of advertising such as television or direct mail that require the customer to leave their home to come to your business, human directionals target people that are already out of the house and near your business. If they're already in their cars, or walking near your business, they're more likely to see your message and immediately visit your business.

BIGGER Is Better

our sign walkers vs. the compitition When it comes to getting your message out using human directionals, it's best to keep it simple. Our experience has taught us that there is only a brief window of opportunity for a human directional to get the attention of a passing vehicle, and deliver your message. That's why it's important to have a message that's short and sweet with an immediate call to action. And when it comes to signage, bigger is better. Remember that in order for a passing vehicle to read your message, they first have to be able to see it! That's why our sign walkers carry extra-large signs. So which one would you rather have in front of your store?

Sign Spinners

Combine the proven power of signage with our high-energy professional sign spinners and you get a serious one-two punch that's guaranteed to drive customers to your retail location.

Sign Spinners Shooting the Ford Fiesta Commercial

Sign Spinners - Professional Human Directionals

Sign Spinner Valley Hi HondaSign Spinners are an exciting new phenomenon in the world of human directionals. Born from the modern skateboard culture, these high-energy performers are stilled at attracting attention. It's been a long known fact that advertising with motion gets peoples' attention more effectively than static billboard or print ads. That's the reason our sign walkers are instructed to always keep their signs in motion by rocking them gently from side to side. This motion should be just enough to attract the attention of drivers and passersby but gentle enough that the sign can still be easily read. But with sign spinners, it's all about the motion. The sign spinner is a performer. They will dance, spin and throw his or her arrow sign in the air, while traffic is stopped at a red light for instance. Then when they are sure everyone is watching them they will "freeze" the sign with the arrow pointing toward your business so that the message can be easily read by all. Our sign spinners are advertising professionals with one goal in mind; TO DRIVE TRAFFIC TO YOUR BUSINESS!

Sign Walkers or Sign Spinners - Your Choice

human billboard You don't have to choose between Best Direction sign walkers and our professional sign spinners. Why not both? One very effective method some of our clients have been using is to incorporate both sign spinners and sign walkers into their advertising campaigns. One way this works is to have the sign spinner and sign walker together at the same high-traffic intersection. The sign spinner gets the attention of everyone at the intersection and the sign walker is there to smile, wave provide the giant sign that can easily be read. This works extremely well since the amount advertising space on the arrow sign is somewhat limited. How about our street teams? You can even try our walking human billboards to pass out your literature in a crowd, or hand-bill windshields, etc. Sign spinners, sign walkers, sign twirlers, sign holders, human billboards, or sign wavers-whatever you call them, human directionals put the power of animated signage to work for your retail business and generate traffic immediately.

Neat, Friendly, Professional and Safe.

human directionals image Best Direction, LLC takes great pride and care in making sure our human directionals are of the highest caliber. After all, our sign walkers and sign spinners are representing both you and us. The image we convey to your customers will be one of conscientious professionalism. BDLLC sign walkers will be on time and wearing a safety-green Best Direction T-shirt along with a warm smile. Of course, if you have any specific wardrobe or attire you would like us to wear, we'll be more than happy to accommodate your specific needs. The exact number of human directionals can be tailored to your specific sign event requirements and budget. No job is too large or too small. Contact Best Direction today to speak with a human directionals sign-event coordinator.