Mobile Billboards by Best Direction, LLC

Car Caravan™ Mobile Billboard Advertising

car caravan mobile billboardWe've taken mobile billboard advertising to a whole new level by redesigning the traditional mobile billboard. Instead of one vehicle, we use three late-model vehicles, all the same make and model for a uniform professional look. We then print your message on a giant three-sided billboard mounted atop each vehicle. Top each vehicle sign with three flags and you're sure to get some attention. Best Direction LLC can reproduce your artwork or help you design it from the ground up. Remember when it comes to signage more is merrier, but remember to keep your message short and simple. It must be easily interpreted at a glance.

Conventional Advertising Truck vs. Car Caravan™ Mobile Billboards

conventional mobile billboardConventional mobile billboards can easily be overlooked. Most just look like another delivery truck. But our Car Caravan™ Mobile Billboard parades can't be missed. They don't blend in, they stand out! People can't help noticing them. And because there are three vehicles parading down the street together, your message is three times more likely to be seen.

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  • Munros-Car-Caravan-Mobile-Billboard
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  • Mobil-Billboard-BC1-slider
  • gmc-Car-Caravan-mobile-billboards
Car-Caravan-Mobile-Billboard11 Munros-Car-Caravan-Mobile-Billboard2 Car-Caravan-Mobile-Billboard23 Mobil-Billboard-BC1-slider4 gmc-Car-Caravan-mobile-billboards5

The Method behind the Car Caravan™ Mobile Billboard Madness

The Best Direction, LLC Car Caravan™ Mobile Billboard parade is superior to traditional mobile billboards because it simply cannot be missed! In order for your advertising message to be effective, it must first be seen. The use of brightly-colored signage and flags on top of the vehicle(s) is what sets our mobile billboards apart from the competition. Conventional mobile billboards can easily be mistaken for just another delivery van or blend in with other trucks and traffic or just be overlooked. Our mobile billboards don't blend in, they stand out! Even if one vehicle passed by you unnoticed, the chances are that three vehicles will not be missed. The theory is that fir first vehicle should get the onlookers' attention. The second vehicle makes it clear that this is an advertisement. By the time people see the third vehicle, they are reading your message. And our Car Caravan™ mobile billboards are priced competitively with traditional mobile billboard advertising trucks. So put the power of mobile signage to work for your retail business today with a Car Caravan™ Mobile Billboard advertising campaign by Best Direction, LLC.

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