Signage - Dealership and Store Decorations

  • Casa Leaders Store DecorationSign Installation at Casa Leaders Furniture Store
  • Oxnard Hyundai Dealership Signage
  • Assorted SignageDigitally Printed and Silk-screened Signs
  • SignageStore Decorations at Riverside Kia and Munro's Furniture
  • Casa Linda Store DecorationSign installation at Casa Linda Furniture Store
  • LA Z Boy Sign Collage
  • K-mart Signage Collage
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Store & Dealership Decorations Using Signs - Lots of Signs

Eye-catching retail store decorations and automotive dealership installations using lots of signage. Our professional installers will make sure your business stands out! Store Decorations let your customers know that something special is going on!

Professional Sign Installation

Riverside Kia dealership signageFirst, a Best Direction professional will consult with you to establish your specific signage needs. Then our art department will create and submit artwork for your approval. Once production is complete, a Best Direction professional installer will decorate your store front or dealership just prior to your sign event start date. Auto dealership signage can be pole-mounted on light standards or staked in the grass. Dealership signage can also be enhanced by smartly utilizing pennants, streamers, air dancers, balloons, flags, banners, posters and more. For retail businesses such as furniture or mattress stores, signage can usually be mounted in windows or pole-mounted in parking lots on light standards. Immediately upon the successful conclusion of your sign promotion, we will remove the store decoration and return your store to it's previous state. For more information, or to speak to an Best Direction, LLC professional, you may contact us at any time.

Signs, Signs, and More Signs

mattress sale signsBest Direction LLC can supply all your signage needs. Because we are a large purchaser of printed signage, we are able negotiate excellent turn-around times and pricing from our vendors. This gives us fantastic production flexibility while still allowing us to pass our savings on to you. Signs are printed on coroplast either via silkscreen or digital. Silk-screening allow for the use of fluorescent inks and reflective colors such as day-glow orange, chartreuse, fluorescent pink and more. We can reproduce any art you supply us, or our in-house design staff can create it for you from scratch. Remember when it comes to signage, more is better. But it is important to remember to keep your message short and simple.

The Power Of Red

Don't hesitate to use the power of red. It attracts attention like no other color! Savvy advertisers have known this for a very long time. Just like a red advertisement in the yellow pages is sure to attract attention, using the power of red in your signage will get your message noticed!

Brief Concise Message

Clear Concise MessageConfusing MessageRemember... drivers and passersby only have a few seconds to interpret your message. Your graphics must get their attention and your message must be bold, brief and straight to the point. A clear concise message is key to turning those passersby into customers! When it comes to sign copy, less is more. Too much text on a sign has little chance of being read at all. Use large straight fonts and small words for easy readability. Examples: "HUGE SALE" or "50% OFF" or GOING ON NOW!"

Immediate Call To Action

Once you have their attention, your message must create a sense of urgency-for example: "THIS WEEKEND ONLY" or "GOING ON NOW"