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web design imageBest Direction, LLC will design your web site to your specifications and ideas. Where we differ is in our approach. We believe that in order for us to develop an effective site for your business we must delve into every aspect of your company. We learn what you do best, what makes you different, and how you do business. Becoming experts on your products and services helps us to understand your company and your customers so we can design a web site that will be effective and, in the end, generate sales revenue. That's what makes us different. We are advertisers. Our focus is always on increasing your bottom line. Many web developers are only creative companies. Though creativity is an important aspect of web development, is is absolutely useless if the search engines don't know you exist and no one visits your site. Which brings us to the...

Promotion of your web site

web-promotionAs mentioned above, your site may be much fancier and far more beautiful than your competitor's site, but if no one can find you on the web your site is useless. Can your site be both fancy and beautiful and still rank high in the SERPS? Absolutely it can! The updating and promotion of your web site is an ongoing job. It continues forever. The real key to staying ahead of your competitors on the web is very simple. Have a better site than he does. What does "better" mean? It means a catchy, beautiful, informative, and efficient site that's easy to navigate and keeps customers coming back. In order for your pages to render properly on all kinds of devices, your site must also be free of syntax errors in your scripts and HTML code. Code errors force the users' browser into Quirks Mode, a state where the browser attempts to render your content yielding unpredictable results. Different browsers render content differently when forced into Quirks Mode. What mode is my browser in?

SEO - Beware!

Banned.jpgSearch Engine Optimization(SEO) is a term used do describe the various techniques employed to make your site rank higher in the search engine results pages(SERPS). Most good web designers keep this in mind when they are building your site. But not all of them do. What's worse, many of them use unscrupulous means in an attempt to trick or manipulate search engine results. These tactics should be avoided at all costs. Beware of electronic solicitations from "SEO Companies" that promise to "make your site number one" in Google's SERPS. Almost all of them are behind the times and use techniques that may work temporarily, but eventually result in your site losing rank or even being banned by Google! Steer clear of these so-called SEO experts. They are almost always a scam.

So how do I safely improve my site's search engine rankings?

question-mark.png The answer is simple. If you want to rank number one, build the best site. That's the bottom line. There are many variables that the search engines look at when returning results for each specific search. The most important of these is the content on your site. Content is king! If your site has the most relevant content to the term being searched, chances are your site will show up on page one of the results. Look at it from Google's perspective. They didn't become the king of search by returning the wrong results. They did it, and continue to do it, by returning the most relative results. That's it. Google's mission is to help you find what you're looking for. They are the best at it. That's why between 60% and 80% of all internet searches are done using Google. Remember, the single most important factor in search engine ranking is content.

What about links?

links.pngAnother factor the search engines use when returning results is link popularity. To the search engines, more sites linking to your site means your site has more value. But these inbound links need to be relative to your content or they will most likely be dismissed. Links need to grow organically over time. If you build a good site, people will find it and link to it. Those are the most valuable links of all. Inbound links are also the most widely abused of the "black hat" techniques used to artificially inflate search engine rankings. Beware of linking schemes offered by fly-by-night SEO companies. Never use any kind of "automated" linking schemes. And never ever pay for inbound links. Paying for inbound links may cause your site to be banned by Google. As explained in this article by the New York Times, if they can do it to JC Penney, they can do it to you. There are no short cuts. Link building is an art and it is time consuming. Avoid companies that promise hundreds of inbound links. These things always end badly.

Putting it all together

www.pngThere are many other factors that affect search engine results. We've only touched on a few of the most important ones. Feel free to call us if you have any questions. Our techies love to talk shop! We speak... HTML XHTML CSS Java-Script Flash PHP Perl JQuery Magento and more. We want you to be confident that Best Direction, LLC is the right company to fulfill your web design needs. Contact us for a free evaluation.