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Sign Events, Human Directionals, Sign Spinners & more -

Give your retail business an instant boost in sales with a sign event by Best Direction, LLC. We combine the awesome power of temporary signage with human directionals, (sign walkers and professional sign spinners) to drive customers to your business.

Sign Events For Every Budget

Since the economic downturn in the fall of 2008, many brick & mortar retailers have been forced out of business. But the ones who are surviving have been quick to adapt to this ever-changing economic environment. Controlling your costs is just one of the many things a business owner must do, and advertising is just another one of those costs. We get that. That's why Best Direction, LLC has developed cost-effective advertising campaigns that are designed to get potential customers into your retail business NOW!

Back To Basics

old-style sign walker image You don't have to reinvent the wheel, but a round one does work better than a square one. We didn't invent human directionals, we just perfected them. No one really knows just how long human directionals have been around but the fact remains, they are still very effective. Now more than ever, businesses are competing fiercely for every single customer they can get. Fewer people are watching television these days, and the ones that do are either watching "paid-for" content which is usually free of commercials, or using digital video recording devices and skipping through the commercials. The fact is, television advertising is on it's way out. So when your television ad no longer generates any traffic to your business, maybe it's time for something new, (and old). It's time for a sign event by Best Direction, LLC.

Something Old Is New Again

sign spinner image Sign Promotions are effective for several reasons. First, sign events work by creating a "buzz" around your business. And Best Direction knows how to create a buzz! For a sign event to be effective, your signage must grab the attention of the passersby and deliver your message quickly. Usually in less than two seconds. Your message should be short, direct and to the point with a clear and urgent call to action. Secondly, sign promotions pump up your sales people. Many experienced automotive General Managers and General Sales Managers realize that one of the best ways to "pump up" their sales staff is through the use of specific forms of event-type advertising, like sign events. Sign promotions motivate sales people better than other forms of advertising because they see it going on right in front of them. It's happening right there on the spot as opposed to a print ad, direct mail piece or a television commercial that they (sales people) may never see. Smart GM's and GSM's know that excited sales people sell more cars. It's just that simple. Now add a few human directionals in some key areas to let the public know that something is going on at your location and you'll have a strategy that's sure to improve your bottom line.

Door Hangers

door hanger logoWhen your direct mail piece gets lost, and is usually thrown away with the countless other junk mail pieces that we all get in our mail box every single day, it's time for something new (and old). A door hanger of flyer distribution campaign from Best Direction, LLC generates NEW business. After all, how many times can you beat up the same customer list? Door hangers are a "stand-alone" piece. They're aren't lost or discarded with all the other advertising pieces in your mailbox. Since they're on the doorknob the customer has to remove it and is more likely to actually view it. See more information on door hangers.

Mobile Billboards...with a twist!

mobile-billboardsOur mobile billboard advertising is unique. A Car Caravan is like your own mobile billboard parade. This one is sure to get their attention! Imagine all the possibilities. More on our mobile billboards.

Web Design & SEO

When your tired old web site no longer drives traffic to your business, maybe it's time for a catchy new web design by Best Direction, LLC. Or maybe you like the look of your web site already but it's just not getting any traffic. Sometimes, a little search engine optimization (SEO) is all that's needed. After all, what good is a nice web site if the search engines don't know it's there? Best Direction has the skills and the know-how to get your site NOTICED! See more on web design.

In-House Art Department

BDLLC has it's own in-house creative team to handle your design requirements. We'll design and customize our products to fit your specific creative needs with no additional charges.